With the upcoming Uncanny Inhumans part of Marvel's All-New label, artist Steven McNiven was looking to give Marvel's cosmic royal family a fresh look. McNiven recently talked to Marvel about his influences going into the designs and how he wanted the team to be represented.

"I really wanted to tackle Black Bolt, try something new, maybe have the design look a bit more like the stuff the movie folks do," he said. "I had a chance to go down and visit the set of Captain America: Civil War— that’s another whole story right there!—and was floored by the level of detail and functionality that the designers accomplished! Absolutely amazing."

McNiven expanded on how he approached the costume from there as he wanted to be inspired by the cinematic approach with Civil War. "So I tried in my own small way to reinterpret the Black Bolt costume going in that direction."

He also gave hints on Black Bolt and Medusa's relationship and where Medusa's new beau Johnny Storm fits into things, but as you can see, he's also sporting some new duds for the title's launch. "Johnny was another redesign challenge, trying to move away from the blues in the Fantastic Four. Hopefully folks will like his new look! As far as drawing Johnny again, it’s been terrific!"