Beast visits Cyclops' supposed grave, remarking how Scott fought hard during the days, and if his death was worth it. He further asks if his decisions will benefit him and mutantkind. Beast goes to meet the rest of the X-Men, and begins to hesitantly reveal his discovery and research on the T-Mists. He reveals that he has failed his species and that they're out of time.

At the Quiet Room, Flagman says that he is relieved that they hired "Lady Shine" to song on-stage for the guests. While Flagman proposes they add her as a regular, they are interrupted by a waiter, who informs Black Bolt of a V.I.P who requested to speak with Black Bolt. Black Bolt leaves to meet her and at the same time Lady Shine's concert ended.

At the meeting, Beast reveals that although Scott destroyed one of the two T-Clouds, one remains and the Inhumans have been monitoring it. Beast thanks Storm and Magneto for the rescuing of the remaining mutants while not appreciating Magneto's methods. Emma hurriedly demanded they stop chatting and finish what Scott "started". Beast paused them all and stated that the forces keeping the clouds together will break and let loose the T-Clouds all over the world, wiping out mutantkind.

At New Attilan, during the ceremony, Medusa speaks to the children who are about to go through the Mists and come out new. After a brief introduction, she informs them that Inferno, Irelle, and Iso will accompany them to the Mists and there they will become someone new. Medusa tells them her story when she was young, about to go through the mists, scared, and what all she wished for. Johnny called Medusa and informed her that "something's coming".

Storm asks for further information on the Mists and Beasts informs her it will occur within two weeks. Everyone, surprised, asks if his calculations are correct, Beast assures them that it is.